Anyone can play!

Sessions last 1h 15min and start every hour

Climbers must arrive 10 minutes before their session. Each session will start with a 15-minute safety briefing during which climbers will be fitted with a harness and shown how to use our belay system. A check of everyone’s equipment is made before entering the arena for one hour of sensational fun!

All of our walls are equipped with TruBlue autobelays as well as the revolutionary BelayMate attachment system. This allows for a totally safe, autonomous climb for everyone in your party. No one has to stay on the ground and belay. In order to offer an exceptional climbing experience, the number of participants per hour is limited, meaning you won’t have to wait between climbs.

Because we have a limited capacity per hour, pre-booking online is highly recommended.

How to Prep

What to wear? Climbers will need closed toed shoes with non-marking soles (eg. running shoes) and comfortable clothes. Avoid wearing hoodies, clothing with drawstrings, or clothing that restricts your movements.

Sandals and boots cannot be worn in the climbing arena.

What to bring? We provide all the equipment you will need. Special -Clip ‘n Climb harnesses must be used by all climbers. Climbing shoes and chalk is not allowed on our walls as it will damage the equipment.

How to book? Pre-booking online or by phone is highly recommended, although we do also accept walk-ins. In order to offer you an exceptional climbing experience, we have a limited capacity per hour in the climbing arena. Make sure to fill out our waiver form online ahead of time to expedite the sign-in process.


The TruBlue autobelay, the device that revolutionized climbing

Originally developed as part of a partnership with Clip ‘n Climb International, The Trublue AutoBelay is now widely recognized as the most trusted and widely used autobelay system in the world. Trublue autobelays use a patented magnetic braking system to ensure every climber will be safely lowered onto the ground. They adjust automatically and respond to the weight of the climber lowering everybody slowly and safely to the ground. This means children and adults alike will have smooth experiences with similar rates of descent.

The use of TruBlue autobelays paired with the BelayMate technology makes it easy for kids and adults alike to join in the fun. Come play in our safe, exhilarating environment!

BelayMate, the High Performance Connection Device

An innovative and fool-proof safety mechanism that provides total safety for climbers when connected to an Auto Belay. If the climber is not correctly connected to the system, the line will not release from the ground, preventing any attempt at climbing.