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We are excited to offer CNC Fit again soon with new guidelines! Check back soon for new information!


Sessions last 1 hour with two start time options

Check back or keep an eye on our social media to know when this class is being offered!

Our program will push all in attendance to challenge their limits, increase their confidence and get into shape. The emphasis on cross-training will benefit lesser used muscles to help with injury prevention. You will develop your flexibility, grip strength, core strength and stamina; all the while de-stressing and socializing.

A safe and comfortable environment for everyone

This class is for all fitness levels, climbers and non-climbers alike. We have three fitness levels we will be working with simultaneously, so you don’t have to worry about having to split up with your friends or trying to keep up with anyone.

Things to Know

  • Who this is open to: Anyone above the age of 16 who is ready to challenge themselves and have oodles of fun! Climbers and non-climbers welcome. All fitness levels welcome.
  • When: We are not currently offering our CNC Fit program, but watch our social media for more information!

Getting Started

Questions? Call 306-38-CLIMB or email today!

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